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Number of Persons
2 (Minimum)
Php 8,000.00
Php 12, 000.00
Php 16, 000.00
Php 20, 000.00
1. Roundtrip transfer Hotel-Villa Escudero-Hotel
2. Services of a coordinator guide
3. Carabao-drawn cart ride with seranade
4. Lunch at Labasin Waterfalls
5. Cultural show every Fridays-Sundays/Holidays
6. Available sports & recreational facilities - bicycle, tennis, basketball, karaoke, billiards, ping-pong, bamboo raft, swimming pool
A quick glimpse into Philippine history and one can easily tell that it is rife with culture and noteworthy stories. From the Spanish Era up until the last bases of Americans, each of them has left a lasting imprint that has also been ingrained into our very own culture. See the wonderful remnants of Laguna's past with today's .
Villa Escudero is home to the first working hydroelectric plant - Labasin Dam - supplying its coconut factory and the Escudero Plantation house. It was in the early 1980s that this plantation was opened to the public as it was turned into a resort offering village tours, museum tour, food and accommodations.
Take the carabao-drawn cart ride accompanied by musicians and singers serenading with Filipino folk songs on the way to the resort proper, watch the Cultural Show (during Fridays-Sundays/Holidays), paddle a native bamboo raft on still waters of the lake, take a dip at the pool, tour the rural village in jeepney and observe the plantation’s coconut harvest activities.
NOTE: Minimum 2 person travelling together.