1. How many people go on a tour?
**Each tour group is usually 4 tourists and 1 tour guide ratio which ensure quality tour experience. However, for groups more than 4, please email at nojsdequina.jd@gmail.com. 
  1. What is the minimum age requirement on the tours?
**There are no age limits on our tours, children are welcome.
  1. What is cancellation policy?
**Cancellation of your tour is possible 48 hrs. in advance, via email or phone. We do  not accept refunds however you can reschedule your tour on an available date.
  1. Is it necessary to book in advance or can we just show up?
**It is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointment.
  1. How can I pay for the Tour?
**Payment can be made through PayPal or Bank to Bank.
  1. Can pregnant women go on a tour?
**Would be best not to participate if pregnant to prevent any unforeseeable accidents.
  1. Do you operate when it is raining?
**Yes, the tours run in light rain and other moderate weather conditions. In the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions the tour may be canceled up to one hour before the departure time. In such cases customers will be offered the opportunity to reschedule for the next available tour.
  1. Do I have to sign anything before the tour?
**Yes, there will be a standard waiver that each participant has to sign. It is understood that by making the reservation, you have agreed that you will sign the  waiver. No refunds will be made in any case.